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Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

Degree overview

Pastoral ministry is a difficult job, requiring one person to be an expert in the areas of theology, counseling, public speaking, administration, leadership, missions, education, and contemporary culture. Most pastors realize after a few years of ministry that they were inadequately prepared through their college or seminary degree programs.

The MACM degree is designed to offer practical help to those already in church ministry, deepening their skills in communication, leadership and ministry and giving them new insight in how to effectively lead a church in today's changing world. The courses in the MACM program are highly practical, challenging students to make every principle learned relevant to their current ministry position.

Intended audience

This program is designed for ministry professionals who want to become more proficient in their ministerial skills to more effectively reach their communities and minister to their congregations. It is also intended for those seeking to enter the ministry who want up-to-date resources and training that will equip them for the basics of ministry, but who want more practical advice than theory.

Course Outlines & Grading

Each course contains a course outline, which states the learning objectives of the course, required text, examinations, assignments and grading policies. An average grade of C is required to pass each course.

Core courses

(7 courses, 21 credits, all are required)

Total core credits 18

Minor Elective Area courses

(9 credits)

Total elective credits 9


(6 credits)

Total thesis credits 6