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Doctoral Degree

Degree Overview

The doctoral degree is the highest degree offered by the university, and our standards for accepting students into this program are rigorous. Students are expected to exhibit exceptional scholarship and potential to impact the Christian community. The program requires 45+ credit hours of work and a commitment of at least 2-4 years. [Note: The doctoral degree programs at GWUA are being discontinued for now. No new students will be accepted after May 1, 2011. Current students will be permitted to finish out their degree requirements.

Intended Audience

The Doctor of Ministry degree (DMin) is specifically designed for full-time pastors or church leaders whose greatest desire is to continue in church or interchurch ministry. The DMin is a professional degree that blends theory and practice in a final project or practicum.

The Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) is an academic degree focused on original research and the writing of a book-quality dissertation (a minimum of 150 pages). It is most appropriate for those wishing to pursue service within the academic community.

Doctor of Ministry

Course Requirements

Students are required to complete a minimum of 5 subject matter courses in their major field of study. If your master’s degree is in an unrelated field, or you do not have sufficient experience in your field of study, you may be required to take additional courses to make up for your deficiency. In addition, if your master’s level work is deemed deficient, you may also be required to take additional subject-matter courses to meet the competence standards of the university. Courses are chosen from among our master’s level offerings, though the standards for our doctoral students are higher. Once these requirements have been met, 30 additional credit hours are required (see below) that cover the research and writing of your dissertation or the completion of your project or practicum.

Course Outlines & Grading

Each course contains a course outline, which states the learning objectives of the course, required text, examinations, assignments and grading policies. An average grade of C is required to pass each course.

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

Total subject credits 15

Total core credits 30

Total credits for degree 45

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Total subject credits 15

Total core credits 30

Total credits for degree 45