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Christian Counseling

The training you receive from the College of Christian Counseling and Psychology provides a deep insight into understanding human behavior and relating to others. This knowledge is valuable in every area of life, including your ability to help those who are hurting.

In addition, a degree from the College of Christian Counseling and Psychology opens many doors of opportunity. Many who enter the program are involved with their church leadership in the development and refinement of a Christian counseling ministry within their own church and/or an independent ministry in affiliation. These churches are willing to commission the counselor as a minister and be a sponsoring church.

Having a Christian Counseling and Psychology degree from GWUA ensures that you are recognized within your community as a qualified Christian/pastoral counselor. The community can be assured that your credentials are current because you will be under the discipline of professional review boards that are organized on the regional and global levels by the College of Christian Counseling. The Professional Review Boards (PRB) require that Christian/pastoral counselors continue to update and improve their skills by taking various continuing counseling courses and attending regional training sessions provided by the Professional Review Boards.

Those who wish to practice counseling without use of Christian counseling principles should seek a degree and certification from their country's regulatory body, state college or university. If you have a divine calling in your life to provide Christian counseling and ministry to the hurting, a degree from the College of Christian Counseling and Psychology may be helpful. GWUA teaches its students to pray, share their faith, read the Holy Scriptures, etc. The fact that pastoral and Christian counselors do these things creates a clear distinction between a Christian counselor and a non-Christian counselor. The goal of the pastoral or Christian counselor is to evangelize and ease the emotional pain and suffering of humanity.

The following degrees are offered by the College of Christian Counseling and Psychology: