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Center of Individual Excellence


CIE is dedicated to design and to deliver short-course programs to enhance organizational improvement and personal growth towards excellence. Be it in organizational change, business development, leadership advancement, educational enrichment, community and cultural growth, CIE is equipped to meet the challenges.


CIE offers certification short-courses with credits toward degree studies on a wide range of Life skill, Work skill for local to global clientele. Thus, our short- courses are not terminal study but they may lead to the continual studies toward higher education.

SPECIAL VALUES OF SHORT-COURSE PROGRAMS: Replacing many continued education for credits and adult education programs with the following added values:


The CIE short-course programs focus on applied knowledge, hands- on skills, coaching and mentoring learning processes. We are global solution-focused and motivational driven team, made of local and global experienced multicultural and multitalented trainers. CIE also invite a wide range of existing business enterprises, technological entrepreneurs, educational institutes and governmental entities to collaborate for a win-win partnership.


As a global visionary team meeting borderless challenges, we offer both on-site and on-line training programs in North Americas, Caribbean islands and Asia. We also welcome win-win partnerships with local and global quality resources so to expedite our training delivery. Suggest our initial targets are our neighboring big five Caribbean markets: The Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad/Tobago and Barbados.

Training Programs Categories

Partial Popular Professional Certification Programs:

* CIE will provide synopsis of any program upon request.

** If your particular needed training program is not found on our list, please let us know and we will be happy to custom design it for you.


As a business and educational driven organization, CIE welcomes partnership with civic organizations, corporations, learning institutions and interested individuals to sponsor our services for sharing purposes and benefits in fund raising, charity, community development, educational outreach, lifestyle and health enhancement.