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Georgetown Wesleyan University of the Americas

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About Us

Georgetown Wesleyan University of the America's provides the global educational experience in an environment supportive of learning that will encourage adult students to discover and develop their potential. GWUA makes high quality, professionally enhanced programs accessible to adults of diverse backgrounds and assists them to succeed in their careers and communities by making education and training available to them on the net. GWUA also provides opportunities for individual all over the world to take advantage of our cohort programs which allows small groups to work together in a team like atmosphere.

The founders and professors of Georgetown Wesleyan University are extremely enthusiastic about education and has taken their passion to another level by making secondary education accessible to the Caribbean and the world.

GWUA follows all the standards of the Southern Association Accrediting body in the United States. If you want to gain an education and want have limited time and not able to move from the Caribbean and other parts of the world that has limited access to educate we are here to help facilitate that opportunity.

Faculty (mentors/coaches). The programs is made up of university professors, successful health care managers, successful public health managers, highly successful business and governmental leaders and educators in executive leadership, management development, human resource management, training and education. The faculty not only has high academic degrees, but also practical skills in areas covered in the programs.